Culture & Sport

Directorate of Extracurricular Education

Roman Vyacheslavovich Kuznetsov

office 207, 15А, Kosaya Linia
tel. + 7 (812) 322-34-51
Fax: + 7 (812) 322-77-81

Social life of Admiral Makarov SUMIS is provided by Directorate of Extracurricular Education.

Directorate of Extracurricular Education comprises:

  • Morale Building and Social Life Center
  • Patriotic Education Center
  • Marketing and PR Department

Morale building and social life activity is the essential part of the education provided by the University. All levels of the University staff and students take their active part in the University social life.

Both students and cadets creative teams are involved in the activities of the University and cultural life of Saint-Petersburg. There is a student’s brass band, a cadet choir, dance and vocal groups, a video and photo studio, Humor Club, cheerleaders and drummers teams, a youth yacht club.

Nowadays the University is proud of its staff members and students who participate in 20 major Russia-wide and regional projects and programs. All the year round students and cadets take active part in more than a hundred of various competitions, parades, conferences, notable ceremonies and convents.

There is Self-Administration Students Council established at the University. The Students Council assists the University administration in their work, observes the students’ rights, participates in educational process management, solves various issues of students life, develops social activity, supports social initiative implementation. The activity of Self-Administration Students Council is fruitful and efficient.

There is also Volunteer Movement at the University. Student-volunteers take active part in various activities where their volunteer help is highly needed and welcomed. They help children at orphanages and correction centers, carry out and support various summits and forums, take part in social flash-mobs.

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