Vice-Rector for Science and Research
Tatyana Alekseevna Pantina
PhD in Economics, Professor 
tel. + 7 (812) 748-96-01, 
E-mail: PantinaTA@gumrf.ru

Office of the Vice-Rector:
office 246,  Dvinskaya Street, 5/7
tel. + 7 (812) 748-96-01 
E-mail: PantinaTA_pa@gumrf.ru

Scientific research activity

The University is proud of its Schools of Sciences, which have been established and presently successfully operate at the University.

The research activity of Makarov Schools of Science is focused on the following issues: water routes and water-based studies; building and maintenance of hydrotechnical constructions; water transport maintenance; ship navigation; automation, process and manufacturing system control at water transport; hydrography; the technology of ship building, ship repairing and management of ship building process; ship power systems and their constituent elements; information security; electric installations and systems; radio-technical systems; mathematical modeling; numerical methods and program systems; economics and water transport administration; environmental science.

Postgraduate students training is provided at 11 scientific specialist fields, including 18 profiles (scientific specialties). There are 4 dissertation committees at the University. They are authorized for the assessment of PhD and Doctoral Thesis. Our special attention is focused at the support and encouragement of young scientists and development of scientific research among students.

The University performs Research and Advanced Development for the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport and the industry institutions; it takes active part in industry-specific forums, exhibitions, conferences; participates in international research and development projects.

List of the Scientific Research Schools at Admiral Makarov SUMIS

Scientific Research School Leader of the Scientific Research School
1. Technology of Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing Sergey Olegovich Baryshnikov
D.Sc., Professor
2. Transport Processes Automation and Control Anatoliy Pavlovich Nyrkov
D.Sc., Professor
3. Automation of Navigation and Communication Anatoliy Efimovich Sazonov
Corresponding member of RAS,
D.Sc., Professor
4. Waterways and Hydrotechnical Constructions Gennadiy Leonidovich Gladkov
D.Sc., Professor
5. Hydrographic Support of the Northern Sea Route Aleksandr Lvovich Tezikov
D.Sc., Professor
6. Ship Internal Combustion Engines and Heat Energy Equipment Oleg Konstantinovich Bizyukov
D.Sc., Professor
7. Telecommunication Systems and Radio Navigation Technologies at Water Transport Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Sikarev
D.Sc., Professor
8. Waterway Transport Economics and Management Tatyana Alekseevna Pantina
PhD in Economics, Professor


Scientific Research Laboratories

  • Laboratory of Ship Sea Worthiness
  • Laboratory of Hoisting Machines
  • Laboratory of Technology of Machines and Mechanisms Repair
  • Laboratory of Information Technology and Management
  • Training and Research Center of Hydrotechnical Constructions Safety
  • Organizational and Economics Department of the Scientific Center