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Department of PE

The Head of the Department

Igor Zub

PhDs in Pedagogy and Engineering


Historical background

In 2015 the Department of PE of the Water Transport Institute and the Department of Physical Education and Medical Training of the Institute “Maritime Academy” were merged. The new department was headed by Zub I.V., PhDs in Pedagogy.

The Department of PE of the Water Transport Institute was founded on January 13, 1934 and the first chief of the Department was Khanov Boris Efimovich.

The Department of PE of the Institute “Maritime Academy” took its roots from 1913 according to the abstract from 11.10.1913 No.21 of the Pedagogical Council of Joint Colleges of Merchant fleet named after Emperor Peter I sessions journal about the introduction of gymnastics classes into the Maritime Academic Institutions.

There are 24 experienced teaching staff among which 2 Candidates of Science with an Associate Professor title, 1 Masters of Sports on the international level, 8 Masters of Sport, 10 Candidates for Master of Sports.

The Department of PE is a part of the “Water Transport” Institute and there following activities are carried out in several areas: academic, students-athletes sportsmanship development, medical training of sailors, scientific and methodological work to improve the educational and methodological support of academic and educational-training processes, as well as recreational, sports activities among students and teaching staff.

The students’ classes are held in the main, special and sports departments as practical classes, lectures, theoretical and methodological classes, testing.

Annually students should have fit obligatory tests, for example, swimming, jogging – 60 m, 500 m for women and 1000 m for men. At the end of each semester students pass these tests and become certified.

There are more than 300 students to do sports in the sport department. They participate in competitions of urban, republican, international level including the Russian Championships.


Teaching staff data

Igor Zub, professor of the PE Department

Sergei Pylaev, associate professor of the PE Department

Natalia Popovich, associate professor of the PE Department

Fedor   Korol

Marina  Yakhontova

Sergei Labzo, senior teacher staff       

Artem Varushin, senior teacher staff

Natalia Sadokhina, senior teacher staff

Anastasia Podobed, senior teacher staff

Vyacheslav Pankov, senior teacher staff

Elena Shulyachenko, senior teacher staff               

Olga Morozova, senior teacher staff

Tatyana Bondareva, senior teacher staff  

Anatolii Petrov, senior teacher staff

Evgenii Vasiliev, senior teacher staff

Irina Kulakova, senior teacher staff

Aleksei Saikin, senior teacher staff

Vladimir Morozov, senior teacher staff

Artur Berekenov, senior teacher staff

Anna Kasatkina, senior teacher staff

Olga Eremina, senior teacher staff

Maksim Volodin, assistant, PE Department


Technical and laboratory bases:

2 – Gym No. 2

3 – Shooting range, 5 arrowslits

4 – Boxing Hall

5 – Wrestling Hall

6 – Fitness center/Exercise center

7 – Swimming pool

8 – Yacht club, 10 yachts

9 – Football field


About the University sport clubs and other sport events held on the base of the particular University

About sport

The PE classes are being held for students of first, second and third years in main, special and sport departments.

Since the beginning of the University PE Department work more than 80 masters of sports have been certified. Annually the cadets and students pass tests for the Candidate of Master of Sports in various kinds of sports.

The University holds the competitions on various kinds of sport with a great deal of students and cadets, tournaments and matches devoted to the anniversaries. The most significant events are sports contest “Rector’s Goblet”, “Prize for a first-year student” etc.

There are 37 teaching staff, 2 Doctors of Science, 9 Candidate of Science, 3 Master of Sport of the International class, 11 Masters of Sport.


Sport News

Results of sports activities in October, 2020

  • Football Championship among the Universities in St. Petersburg (October 1-6, 2020)
  • The All-Russian Boat Rowing Championship (Kazan) (October 8-9, 2020)
  • Freshmen swimming prize (in the University) (October 26, 2020).
  • Freshmen chess prize (in the University) (October 29, 2020).


Results of sports activities in September, 2020

  • Basketball Tournament «Orange Ball» (September 12, 2020).
  • Open Boxing Championship in St. Petersburg (September 19, 2020)
  • Athletic Road Running (September 26, 2020)
  • Maritime Festival “Smolenka – way to the sea” (September 27, 2020)
  • Football Championship among the Universities in St. Petersburg (September 27, 2020)