State Scientific Examination (thesis boards)

Assistant to the Vice-Rector of Research and Innovation Activity (Work)

Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor

Koptseva Elena

252 office, 5/7, Dvinskaya st.

Tel: (812) 748-97-05, local tel: 397

E-mail: KoptsevaEP@gumrf.ru


Thesis Boards

  • Thesis Board D223.009.01;
  • Thesis Board (D223.009.04);
  • Thesis Board D223.009.05;
  • Thesis Board D223.009.06;
  • Thesis Board (D.223.009.07);
  • Preparation for thesis defense
    • GOST for thesis and abstract of a thesis design
    • Abstract design
    • Sample of thesis title page
    • Sample of abstract cover
    • Organization opinion
    • Application sample for issuing organization opinion where thesis was written
    • List of documents for preliminary consideration of thesis
    • Stages for posting information on website
    • Sending of thesis abstracts
    • Application for PhD candidate
    • Application for Candidate of Sciences
    • Agreement /approval for posting thesis on website
    • Procedure for preliminary consideration of thesis
    • Sample of personal data sheet
    • Expert opinion on possibility of posting thesis abstract on website
    • Sample request for an official opponent
    • Sample request for leading organization
    • Sample letters for leading organization and official opponents
    • Sample consent of official opponent
    • Sample consent of leading organization
    • Information about official opponent (sample)
    • Information about leading organization (sample)


  • Documents of examination case
    • List of examination case documents
    • Report of thesis board
    • Requirements for filling the Form on abstract and library information about defended thesis for degree level course