Basic scientific schools

Regulation on scientific schools of educational organizations within the jurisdiction of the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport

Abstract from the protocol No 1 dated from 30.09.2016 of Academic Council meeting of the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping

List of scientific schools of the Federal State-Financed Educational
Establishment of Higher Education the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping

Name of scientific school Head/Leader of scientific school
1. Scientific school: Shipbuilding and shiprepair technologies Baryshnikov Sergei
Doctor of engineering, professor
2. Scientific school: Automation and transport resources management Nyrkov Anatolii
Doctor of engineering, professor
3. Scientific school: Automation of ship navigation and communication Sazonov Anatolii
Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of engineering, professor
Scientific school: Waterways and hydraulic structures
Gladkov Gennadii
Doctor of engineering, professor
5. Scientific school: Hydrographical servicing of the Northern Sea Route Tezikov Aleksandr
Doctor of sciences, professor
6. Scientific school: Shipping internal combustion engine and heat power equipment Beziukov Aleksandr
Doctor of engineering, professor
7. Scientific school: Communication systems and radio navigation technologies in water transport Sikarev Aleksandr
Doctor of engineering, professor
8. Scientific school: Economics and management in water transport Pantina Tatiana
Doctor of economics, professor
9. Scientific school: Electrotechnical complexe and systems in water transport Samoseiko Veniamin
Doctor of engineering, professor



List of the St. Petersburg scientific and academic schools in the register of the leading scientific and academic schools of St. Petersburg:

  1. by organizations where the schools operate (in alphabetical order);
  2. by surnames of heads of schools (in alphabetical order).