To the authors of publications

Scientific e-libraries: Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar, eLIBRARY.RU (RSCI).

Basic regulations for preparation of scientific publications for indexing in foreign data basis of scientific citations (hereinafter – DB).

1. The article should be structured according to the IMRAD standard.


  • Brief recommendations for authors on the preparation and registration of scientific articles in journals indexed in the international scientometric databases.
  • Methodological recommendations for the preparation and design of scientific articles in journals indexed in international scientometric databases.


2. 90% (or more) of the literature list should consist of current scientific works indexed by Web of Science, Scopus.

3. Scopus and Web of Science are abstract databases (DBs), where information about published articles of a publisher’s house from all over the world is loaded. Therefore, to index a database article, it is necessary to find a scientific journal or take part in a conference, as a result of which an indexed collection of articles in the aforesaid databases will be published. It is recommended to check the indexing of collections of conference proceedings from previous years in the Scopus and Web of Science databases. As a rule, the organizing committee posts links to collections of previous years on the conference website. The list of Russian journals indexed by the database is published on the HAC website “Reference information on domestic publications included in international abstract databases and citation systems”. The up-to-date lists of Scopus indexed editions are published here.

If the prepared article fully complies with the publication requirements published on the website of the journal / organizing committee of conference, the authors submit the article on their own. In cases of creation of an initiative group (3 or more articles) for participation in the conference, the organizing committees welcome the sending of several articles from one of the authors of the initiative group, who is ready to take on the task of drawing up and concluding an agreement to pay for all accepted publications. In such cases, during the execution of contracts, methodological support is provided from the Department of Scientific and Innovative Activity.

4. Authors must register in the following information systems on their own:


  • Scopus (only from the university computer), Brief manual for Scopus
  • Registration in Web of Science (only from university computer), Registration in Publons (it is not required if you have registered in Web of Science)
  • Registration in ORCID, Brief instruction for Google Scholar registration.


When registering it is important to point the full name as in publications (using transliteration) in Scopus, ORCHID and Web of Science, and the work place Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping.