Vice-Rector for convention training and shipboard training practice

Gorobtsov Aleksandr Petrovich

15a, Kosaya Linia, office 412

Tel: 322-74-68, 322-72-43

e-mail: gorobtsovap@gumrf.ru

Vice-Rector for educational cluster development and cooperation with education and methodics association

Lavrentieva Elena Aleksandrovna

15a, Kosaya Linia, office 137

Tel: 322-77-21, local tel: 342

e-mail: LavrentievaEA@gumrf.ru

Vice-Rector for security

Kononov Mikhail Kirillovich

5/7, Dvinskaya str., office 241

Tel; 322-21-64, 748-96-05, local tel: 742

e-mail: alimovom@gumrf.ru

15a, Kosaya Linia, office 201

Tel : 322-21-64

E-mail: AlimovOM@gumrf.ru



Institute “Maritime Academy” Sokolov Vladimir Director of the Institute “Maritime Academy” 6, Mezhevoi kanal, audience 208 Reference to site sokolovvn@gumrf.ru
“Water Transport” Institute Ezhov Iurii Director of the “Water Transport” Institute 5/7,Dvinskaya str. audience 433 Reference to site ezhovye@gumrf.ru
“International Transport Management” Institute Kochin Andrei Acting director of the“International Transport Management” Institute 5/7,Dvinskaya str. audience 448 Reference to site kochinaa@gumrf.ru
“Professional Development Programs” Institute Aizinov Sergei Director. Head of the Makarov Training Center 36, B. Smolenskyi, audience 413 Reference to site ajzinovsd@gumrf.ru



“Maritime Academy” Institute

Arctic Faculty

Faculty of Navigation and Radio Communication

Faculty of Ship Power Supply and Propulsion Systems

Maritime Center of General Engineering Education

“Water Transport” Institute

Department of education ensuring

“International Transport Management” Institute

Department of Education Provision

“Professional Development Programs” Institute



  1. The Extraeducational and Pedagogical Work Department
  2. The Head – Belogolovcev Igor

  3. The Informatization Department
  4. The Head – Kislov Roman

  5. The Scientific and Innovation Activity Department –
  6. The Head – Olkhovik Evgenii

  7. The Department for Property Complex Operation and Economic Work
  8. The Head – Vainmaer Aleksandr

  9. The Educational and Methodical Department
  10. The Head – Savelieva Marina

  11. The Department for regional education
  12. The Head – Teltevskaya Natalia

  13. The Accounting Department
  14. The Chief Accountant – Yakovleva Natalia

  15. Medical Service
  16. The Head – Bezkishkiy Eduard

  17. The Planning and Finance Department
  18. The Chief Accountant – Postnikova Inga

  19. Quality Service
  20. The Head -  Taranukha Svetlana Nikolaevna

  21. Chief Engineer Service
  22. The Chief Engineer - Kalubkin Igor Valerievich

  23. Printing House
  24. Director – Evsiutkina Maria

  25. Library Complex
  26.  Director – Andreev Sergei

  27. General Department
  28. The Head – Chepurnaya Natalia

  29. Legal Department
  30. The Head – Kalinovich Aleksandr

  31. Master and Postgraduate programs Department
  32. The Head – Trosco Galina

  33. Staff Office
  34. The Head – Mushketov Mikhail

  35. Capital Development Department
  36. The Head – Novikov Aleksei

  37. Marketing and Public Relations Department
  38. The Head – Kirikova Vladislava

  39. International Relations Department
  40. The Head – Zaostrovskaya Iulia

  41. Occupational Safety and Ecology Department
  42. The Head – Mikhailov Anton

  43. Civil Defense Affairs and Emergency Department
  44. The Head – Pelogeikin Ivan

  45. Archive
  46. The Head – Kuvaeva Anastasia

  47. Students Practice Department
  48. The Head – Vasilieva Elena

  49. Military Registration Office
  50. The Head – Kushnir Galina



  1. Educational Center
  2. Director – Abramovich Aleksei

  3. Organization and Control of Extra-Mural Studies Center
  4. Director – Bozhuk Nikolai

  5. Pre-university Education Center
  6. Director – Kremleva Elena

  7. Educational Services for Foreign Students Center
  8. Director – Belyakov Pakhom

  9. Patriotic Education Center

    Director – Kovalenko Aleksandr Mikhailovich

  10. European Center for Practical Training of Maritime and Inland Shipping

    Director – Zinoviev Sergei

  11. Scientific Center for EM Association in Air Transport Operation

    Director – Gyavgyanen Anastasia

Branches where the programs of secondary professional education are provided

Voronin Arctic Maritime Institute – 111, Northern Dvina embankment, Arkhangelsk, reference to site

Belomorsk-Onega branch – 34, Varlamov str., Petrozavodsk, reference to site

Kotlas branch – 19, Polar str., Kotlas, Arkhangelsk region, reference to site

Pechora River College - 47/8, Pechora prospect, Pechora, reference to site

Veliko-Ustyug branch – 14, Kommuna Square, Vologodskaya region, Veliki-Ustyug, reference to site


Branches where the professional development programs are provided

Murmansk branch – 21, Gagarina str., Murmansk, reference to site


Library complex and printing house

Director of printing house

Evsiutkina Maria

E-mail: evsiutkinamn@gumrf.ru

Tel/fax: (812) 748-97-19

Deputy of Director of printing house

Scherbakova Iulia

E-mail: shcherbakovajv@gumrf.ru, izdat@gumrf.ru

Tel/fax: (812) 748-97-19

Printing house

address Mezhevoi kanal, 2

Tel/fax: (812) 748-97-19

E-mail: izdat@gumrf.ru


The main purpose of the printing house:

  • university practical application of modern editorial and printing technologies;
  • control for editorial activity of the University, publishing of academic and methodological literature etc;
  • organization of printing and publishing, quality control test according to the state, printing technical conditions standards;
  • printing of the scientific journal “Vestnik of the AM SUMIS”.

Publishing is carried out according to following aspects:

  • issue of academic and methodological literature;
  • printing activity.
  • rendering paid services for students and cadets of the University.