European Maritime and Inland OBT Center

Director of European Maritime and Inland OBT Center of Admiral Makarov SUMIS 
Aleksandr Michailovich Kamelin 
office 413, 15а, Kosaya Linia
Mobile tel. +7-(911)-225-77-87 
tel. + 7 (812) 322-77-49,  local tel. 361
E-mail: KamelinAM@gumrf.ru

Chief Specialist 
Sergey Nikolaevich Saveliev  
mobile phone + 7-(911)-944-10-40

Chief Specialist
Ekaterina Iosifovna Kuznechenkova
tel. + 7 (812) 322-72-43
E-mail: Otd_PF@gumrf.ru


European Maritime and Inland OBT Center coordinates OBT arrangement for cadets and students of higher educational institutions subordinate to the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport in European part of the Russian Federation.

One of the important aspects of the Center’s activity is the planning of group OBTs onboard the Sail Training Ship “Mir” so that the cadets are provided with the required registered sea-period and certification for qualified enlisted crewmembers.