Center of educational services for international students

Members of the Office
office 251
tel. +7(812)251-62-28, local tel. 229
E-mail: cent_edu@gumrf.ru


Superintend for Visa and Registration Procedures
Angelica Rubenovna Atamian
office 251
tel. + 7-812-251-62-28

«The Earth is our Home - 2014»

The Office for Education of Foreign Students provides promotion and arrangement of the activity for the attraction of foreign students to join Admiral Makarov SUMIS. About 20 years ago the Office was initially established as the Dean's Office for foreign students. Since that time the Office has trained over 800 bachelors, specialists, masters, postgraduates and students of the preparatory Department. Annually from 300 up to 400 foreign students from various countries of Europe, Asia and Africa join the University. Graduation Degree of the University is internationally recognized at the Master’s level, in compliance with the international standards and the relevant agreements.

Many of the University graduates work as navigators, ship engineers, harbor masters, directors and top managers of the industry enterprises. Some of our graduates have taken the course of the second higher education and work as teachers of Russian language.

Thanks to our graduates, the University has become well known in such countries as Tunisia, Morocco, Cameroon, Sudan, China, Angola, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Nepal, Algeria, Peru, Sierra Leone, Bulgaria and others.

The University has extensive contacts with foreign educational institutions. Our academic staff has opportunities for their training in the UK, the Netherlands, China and other countries. Currently, the University is carrying out many scientific researches jointly with the Universities of Poland, Germany, France and countries of the former USSR.

Sample Agreement

Administrative Orders for the Admission of Foreign Students

For the arrangement of hostel accommodation of foreign citizens, please apply to office 251.

The information for those applying is also available through the following link.